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The Accu-Chek® DiaPort system
Continuous Intraperitoneal Insulin Infusion (CIPII) – a valuable option when subcutaneous insulin delivery fails.

DiaPort Key Visual
  • The Accu-Chek® DiaPort System

    CIPII Therapy
    Learn about the
    benefits of the port
    How it works?
    How the Accu-Chek DiaPort system optimises your insulin delivery.
    Is it right for me?
    Deciding on the
    Accu-Chek DiaPort system
    How to switch to the port?
    Switching from subcutaneous pump therapy to CIPII.
  • The Accu-Chek® DiaPort System

    How does implantation work?
    What the implanted port looks like
    The port after the implantation
    Daily life with the port
    Impact on professional
    and leisure activities
  • The Accu-Chek® DiaPort System

    start videostart video

    Dr. Andreas Liebl

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  • The Accu-Chek® DiaPort System

    Get Started
    Information folder
    The complete handbook
    for port users
    Common Questions
    Answers for frequently asked questions
    Find an Accu-Chek DiaPort
    Centre of Excellence
    Institutes which support the implantation
    Contact us
    Your contact with
    Roche Diabetes Care
How it works
How it works
Find institutes
Common Questions
Contact us

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